Monday, 3 March 2014

It all began when I hit puberty at age of 13. At that time I was quite puzzled with the changes that are happening in my body.

I was especially interested about my pubic hair that was beginning to grow on top of my boyish dick. Then I stumbled upon an encyclopedia which showed the different stages of puberty and the interest grew even more

The interest turned into curiosity about how other boys my age are growing too. So I begin to check out my class mate's tool whenever I have a chance I.e. while changing for the PJK sessions..

Do u guys have this kind of curiosity too when u were young?


  1. I used to cruise toilets just to have a glimpse of men's tools! :) hahahahhaha... i started around then too.. well maybe younger.. kinda experimented with classmates when i was standard 5... no harm done.. kinda think of it now make me smile :) hahahahaa.. so ngam the friend now is in UK too.. not sure he still remembers or not.. but i remember every day when we had our class together during that certain day where we were paired to sit together at the back of the class which was the view was hidden by the rest, we would kinda take our junk out and "enlarge" it and just keep enlarging it and squeezing it.. lol hahahahahahaah... i can still remember seeing the cheese of my friend as he was pulling down the foreskin.. hahahaha.. well, i guess the break of the penis head from the body happens usually around that time of age anyway.. 11, 12, 13, when you are curious with masturbation and suddenly discover that you could pull it down.. well.. that would be a blog post to write isnt it? hahahahaha.. inspired blog post... well i comment and rant here more than i write in my blog so brava!! this blog post is interesting!!! muacks! dont stop writing curiositykills!! you have my blessing!! :) muacks!!!

  2. I did the same thing too.. cruising toilets lol.
    Wow thats a young age to start experimenting...
    Thanks for the encouragement tuls!
    Will definitely put one entry on ur suggestion :)